Arcadia Online
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Arcadia Username: Zain
Character Type: NPC
Real Name: Nothing, because he's not real.
Age: He's supposed to resemble an 18 year old.
Birthday: Whenever he first popped into the game.
Voice Actor: Daisuke Hirakawa
Favourite Foods: Lemons

You can buy Zain's Drama CD here.

He's an NPC whose sole purpose is to dish out quests to players. However, he's advanced enough to serve as a potential love interest to Kazuha. A very... posessive love interest, that is.

Since he's just a computer program, he doesn't really understand a lot of human things, such as emotions.

My Thoughts: I like Zain, he's such a cutie. I enjoy everything about him, from his design to his voice. The image above of him is probably my favourite CG in the entire game. I wasn't really sure how they were going to turn an NPC into a love interest at first, but they just made all of the NPCs really intelligent like they did in Sword Art Online.