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This page is where I've rounded up every single possible piece of promotional Period Cube art I can find, except character sprites, promotional buttons and game CGs. Of course, I don't own any of this stuff, I'm just putting it here as an archive (in case the official site gets taken down) and so that other people can see it without having to go through Japanese websites and all that. If you've found any images that aren't here, please don't hesitate to contact me at so that I can put it up here.


CD Covers

Game Backgrounds

Release Countdown Images

(Found on this webpage)


(Found on this webpage)

Other Stuff

This image was taken off of a Japanese shopping website. I think it's supposed to be the cover of an art book, but my Japanese isn't good enough to tell what it is.

I don't know exactly what the text on this image says, but it's something like "In this (something I don't understand) world, I'll protect you."

This is a scan from B's Log magazine, which from what I've gathered seems to be about Otomate games. The big vertical text in the middle says something like "(something about darkness) Fallen Angel PK Demento", then his voice actor's name. I got this from ZeroChan, uploaded by a user called Mayura-Chan.

This one's also been scanned by Mayura-Chan. The large text in the middle says "I didn't know." My Japanese is pretty bad, but I'm quite sure that it says that.

I don't want to upload all of these magazine scans up here, so if you want to see them all, click here to go to ZeroChan.

You can also find images of Period Cube themed gacha cards from Otomate's Sephirot game by clicking here. This'll take you to the official Period Cube Twitter account. These cards are super pretty, and some of them are done by different artists. The cards are heavily watermarked however, because you have to get them in the game. I played the game once, it was alright but it's super hard to get the cards.