Arcadia Online
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Arcadia Username: Radius
Character Type: Demon
Real Name: Rei Aijou
Age: 18 years old
Birthday: 8th of January
Voice Actor: Tomoaki Maeno
Favourite Foods: Grapes

You can buy Radius' Drama CD here.

Radius is a super powerful demon player who could probably be classed as a tsundere. In real life, he's an idol who is very popular amongst the women. In Arcadia, he prefers to work by himself instead of joining parties, and acts quite cold towards others.

He also posesses this really rare item that's a super cool, and super powerful sword. This sword is called Shadow's Edge, but in Japanese it's called something else. From hearing the voice acting, it sounds like it's called something along the lines of "Grakius".

My Thoughts: He's sort of special to me because his route was the first one I landed on. I really like his character because I like my love interests cold and distant like he is. He probably has one of my favourite designs in the entire game, too. In my opinion he feels quite different to most of the idols you find in otome games, but to be honest I don't really know too many of them.